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The 6ths
Wasps' Nests
CD, Polygram Records, March 1995

  1. San Diego Zoo
    with Barbara Manning
  2. Aging Spinsters
    with Stephin Merritt
  3. All Dressed up in Dreams
    with Mary Timony
  4. Falling Out of Love (With You)
    with Dean Wareham
  5. Winter in July
    with Ayako Akashiba
  6. Pillow Fight
    with Mitch Easter
  7. Dream Hat
    with Mac McCaughan
  8. Movies in My Head
    with Georgia Hubley
  9. In the City in the Rain
    with Lou Barlow
  10. Looking for Love (In the Hall of Mirrors)
    with Amelia Fletcher
  11. Heaven in a Black Leather Jacket
    with Robert Scott
  12. Here in My Heart
    with Anna Domino
  13. Puerto Rico Way
    with Mark Robinson
  14. You Can't Break a Broken Heart
    with Jeffrey Underhill
  15. When I'm Out of Town
    with Chris Knox
  16. Yet Another Girl (vinyl version only)
    with Stuart Moxham
Latest Release
CD, Merge Records, Sept. 1999
Other Discography
Wasps' Nests CD Cover
CD, Polygram Mar. 1995